the history of ûbalm




History of ûbalm

In the late 1800's dairy farmers began to use a variety of creams and lotions to soften and protect cows udders. The cows udder is very delicate and is easily irritated from weather extremes and milking. It was critical to protect and soften this tissue to promote the health of the udder and the cow. Through trial and error these creams became more and more effective over time. For many years farm families knew that the secrets of soft smooth skin was in that jar of balm out in the barn. As these balms were refined over the years, many other people discovered its fabulous properties.

As time passed, it was discovered that one of the "magic" ingredients was lanolin which comes from sheep.

Fast forward 75 years...Lanolin is combined in perfect harmony with several other key ingredients, and ûbalm is born. With its perfect mixture of vitamins A, D & E, Aloe Vera Gel, and Lanolin, ûbalm is used and recommended by people from all walks of life. Farmers still love it, and now so do construction workers, auto mechanics, office workers, restaurant workers, diabetics, upholsters, massage therapists, firemen, welders, nurses, doctors, veterinarians, et cetera. Many runners and cyclists even use ûbalm to ward off chafing as they run or ride. Doll makers, collectors, and quilt makers use ûbalm, claiming it will not stain the fabric or leave a residue. Anyone whose skin is exposed to the elements, whose hands are in and out of water all day, or who works with their hands, should know the soothing power of ûbalm.

ûbalm is manufactured in the heart of the Midwest, made in the USA.