Don't believe everything you hear




The real facts about ûbalm.

There are competitors out there who are misleading customers and making false claims about ûbalm skin care. It seems that the only way to make their products look good is to try to make the other guys products look bad. Fortunately, our products stand on their own and we do not have to resort to such tactics. Here are the facts.

Animal Use only?

ûbalm is designed, formulated and approved for human use.
It is manufactured in an FDA approved facility in the USA. And meets all FDA regulations for cosmetics.

Its origins can be traced back to udder balm which was a fantastic skin conditoner and emollient used in the dairy industry. Like many products whos origins can be found in previous products, it has evolved into the fanstastic product it is today.

What things have NEVER been in ûbalm? (despite what the competion may tell you)

PABA (Para-aminobenzoic acid)
Paba is commonly used in many sunscreens because it absorbs harmful UV rays which can damage the skin. ûbalm is NOT a sunscreen, it is a skin moisturizer. For a sunscreen to work it must normally sit on the top layers of skin to provide a block from UV rays. ûbalm absorbs deep into the skin to moisturize many layers deep.

In 1997 the EWG (Environmental Working Group) recommended that the FDA should no longer allow the use of PABA in sunscreen, given its links to allergic reactions and health concerns associated with the free radicals it releases in the presence of sunlight.
We choose not to inlcude PABA for these reasons.
Mercury is a toxic chemical that is easily absorbed into the bloodstream. The use of mercury in cosmetics is illegal in the United States. We have never used mercury in any of our products.
Benzene is a toxic chemical that is easily absorbed into the bloodstream. It has been linked to cancer and allergies. We have never used benzene in any of our products.