Salon formula skin care




Why use ubalm

Dry, cracked and chapped skin is a major everyday problem for millions of people. Our basic formula's are based on years of cosmetic experience with ingredients proven to work. We do not promise the world with "exotic" ingredients such as bees nectar, volcanic dust, seaweed extract, peanut oil or other unproven ingredients.

We believe that you deserve a unique formulation that works, without the hype and useless exotics.You deserve the ultra soft skin that our balm provides!

All manufactured in the U.S.A.

We focus on the best possible combinations of:
Antioxidants: to fight free radicals, and prevent skin damage
Emollients: to smooth and soften the skin
Humectants: to attract water, humectants are also moisturizers
Lubricants: to make skin feel smoother to the touch and reduce friction

We have three distict formulas for all your skin care needs. All fortified with Antioxidant vitamins A, E and vitamin D. Blended together with premium aloe vera and lanolin to soften and sooth even the driest cracked skin.

Made in the heartland of the USA

No other salon formula skin cream has our unique blend.